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12 Dimensions of Our Proprietary Treatment Program

12 Dimensions of Our Proprietary Treatment Program

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At Wellfinity, we have developed our proprietary cornerstone 12 dimensional approach in treating diabetes and chronic diseases so as to restore health and wellness holistically and for life.

A sustained holistic well-rounded approach to treating and reversing diabetes and chronic diseases, so that you are empowered to take charge of your health and wellness. The 12 dimensions are our cornerstone in the getting to the root cause(s) of issues, treatment and reversal methodology. They go beyond food and nutrition and address the varied aspects that cause imbalances.

These are:

  • Daily lifestyle + habits
  • Nutrition (macro and micro) + food
  • Revisit the Elements – Sun, light, air, water, grounding
  • Heavy metal & Other Toxin Protection
  • EMF protection
  • Microbiome support
  • Mitochondria augmentation + Cellular hydration
  • Mineral balancing
  • Optimizing organ function
  • Precision supplementation
  • Physical movement, relaxation and meditation
  • Behavioral & Mental wellness
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