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5 Pillars of Our Science & Philosophy

5 Pillars of Our Science & Philosophy

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We unlock the power of science for everybody and Remove the guesswork through cutting-edge & evidence based science with precision & personalized delivery!

A new model for Chronic care, that works!

At, we are moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ to a focus on each individual and an evidence- backed treatment protocols and procedures that identifies the root cause(s) specific to the individual and designs a program that is centered on her internal and external environment, using our proprietary treatment program.

Pillars of Wellfinity’s Science & Philosophy

  • Patient-centric approach: At we are putting you at the center of all our focus and hence designing the entire, protocols and most importantly the delivery around the user.
  • Root cause: We don’t just look at the symptoms of diseases. We identify the root cause through an extensive set of tests and treat it.
  • Holistic and integrated approach: Through an integrative science and systems biology approach, we study the interplay and interlinkage between body systems. While symptoms show up in one area, the cause maybe elsewhere. Therefore, we look at the body as a whole.
  • Interdisciplinary solutions: Depending upon the individual need of the patient, we use a combination of functional medicine, alternative care (those rooted in ancient traditions backed by scientific evidence) and conventional medicine along with new and emerging pathways.
  • Personalized and contextualized solutions: Apart from the patient’s biomarkers, we take into account his personal factors such as lifestyle, belief systems, and food choices etc to design a plan that suits his individual need. One size doesn’t fit all. Each individual case is different and we treat it differently.


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