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Functional Medicine Treatment – Where and How to Avail? |

Functional Medicine Treatment – Where and How to Avail?

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Rahul is a 41 year old techie. Rahul is overweight, has a sedentary lifestyle and irregular and unhealthy eating habits due to job pressure. He recently observed he had frequent urination, fatigue and blurred vision. He consulted a physician who advised a blood test. The test report suggested he had type-2 diabetes. The physician advised him to avoid sugar and prescribed insulin medication. The doctor also advised him to check his blood sugar levels regularly.

Later, a friend told Rahul about the functional medicine approach and how it has helped several people permanently reverse diabetes and live a medication-free life. Rahul wants the same holistic treatment for himself, but he does not know where to go and whom to approach.

Rahul’s problem is not a unique one. Many of us know about functional medicine and its benefits. We understand that a regular conventional doctor is most well-equipped to handle emergency situations such as accidents, burns, injuries, sudden heart arrests etc. But for chronic ailments such as diabetes, heart related diseases, thyroid disorders, autoimmune diseases, inflammation etc., you need a functional medicine practitioner.

A functional medicine practitioner has a patient-centric approach to treatment. He spends a good amount of time listening to your medical history, in order to understand what might have triggered the current imbalance. This is an important part of the functional medicine treatment as diseases don’t manifest all of a sudden. They develop in stages or layers which start at the cellular level and eventually show up as a symptom on a part of the body or an organ. It is a violation of the body’s basic requirement which has gone unheard. This violation is identified as ‘the root cause.’

At the functional medicine clinic, a thorough investigation of your biomarkers are conducted which help to corroborate the signs and symptoms. Thus, the practitioner follows an evidence-based approach to connect the dots. Once the triggers and root cause are identified, the practitioner develops a customized treatment plan to suit your individual needs. A functional medicine practitioner’s objective is not to ‘manage’ the disease, but to cure it completely.

But how do I find a functional medicine specialist or a functional medicine doctor near me?

The answer is simple – Google it.

However, bear in mind that functional medicine is a relatively new area of science and natural medicine. Therefore, you may not get the most accurate and up to date records. So you’d do well to try other similar keywords like ‘integrative medicine’ or ‘holistic medicine.’

Before finalizing to go for treatment with a functional practitioner, you must also ensure that he doesn’t focus on nutrition alone, but also gives equal importance to other lifestyle aspects. It is best to choose a doctor who prescribes natural treatments mostly and conventional procedures only when necessary.  The doctor should be willing to spend time on building a strong partnership with you as a patient.

Before visiting the functional medicine doctor, be aware of your own medical history. If possible, document as much of it as you can. It will help the doctor understand the history of your ailment better.

Also bear in mind that unlike conventional medicine that has immediate impact, functional medicine can take from a couple of weeks up to a few months to show results. However, the results achieved will be permanent and you will be disease and medication-free for life.

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