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Wellfinity’s Chronic Health Optimisation Program

Wellfinity’s Chronic Health Optimisation Program

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An understanding of Wellfinity’s Chronic Health Optimisation Program and what all is included in it and how do we go about the program for our members.

We offer 2 types of Health Optimization programs:
1. ‘Chronic Illness to Wellness’
2. ‘Quality of life – Improving Your Health and Wellness.’

If you have already been diagnosed with a chronic illness or are at risk, you should opt for the first. If you want to improve your overall health for a better quality of life and want holistic healthcare, opt for the second.

These programs are delivered via 3 types of plans – a DIY (do it yourself) plan, a 3-months Beginner’s plan and a 6-months Comprehensive Reversal plan. In case you are confused about which to choose, you can consult your Wellfinity Enrolment Adviser after you have registered with us. He will discuss with you to understand your condition, lifestyle and health benefit goals, and advise you accordingly about which health and wellness plan to pick.


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