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Restoring Balance: Understanding Disease Occurrence and Reversal
Uncover the complexities of disease occurrence and the power of balance in achieving successful disease reversal.

The underlying causes of chronic diseases

Along With Gene expression

Genomics + Epigenetics

Results in Imbalances in Network of our biological systems

Imbalance in our biological systems -

This shows up as symptoms in different forms for each individual.

Illness, especially chronic, does not manifest all of a sudden. It develops in stages or layers which start at the cellular level before showing up as a symptom on a body part or organ. It is a natural process and a violation of the body’s basic requirement which has gone unheard. Hence we need to move the focus from ‘where’ is the issue located in your body (symptoms) to understanding the actual root causes of imbalance in the body.

Most importantly, we need to move from the perception of chronic diseases occurrence as genes, age related, and one that is bound to occur. The truth is our bodies were not designed for disease but for good health. The only condition being that we keep our internal and external biological environment clean.

Through evidence-based and using cutting-edge science and technology, it is possible to remove the guesswork in understanding the causes of chronic diseases.

How can a chronic
disease be cured for life?

Chronic diseases are characterized by a series of complex, multi-layered problems that develop over years. They can affect every biological system whether that is circulation, immunity, hormonal or neurological.

However, these diseases follow specific patterns (which can be tracked and measured) before they manifest. A symptom may manifest to one body part, but if the root cause is to be understood and treated the entire body should be looked at as a whole. For the body to be disease-free, all of its systems need to be in a state of balance or homeostasis.

The process to achieve homeostasis

Thus, the first step in curing a chronic disease permanently is to find the root cause of the problem. The next step is to eliminate what is causing the imbalance, whether that is toxins, inflammation, allergens, infections, unhealthy lifestyle or nutrition-poor diet. We detoxify not only the body but also the external environment we live in. Be that our home, garden or office.

The next step is to restore what is good for our body such as, nutritious food, clean water, oxygen, light, movement, sleep, community, connection, love, meaning and purpose.

We keep repeating this process, until the root cause is completely eliminated and your new lifestyle becomes primary nature.

Health optimization steps -

Some of the key concepts That
Help Restore Balance in Our bodiesparticle-three-lines

Optimal nutrition

Epigenetic control of the body can be optimized with the right food at the right time. Helps to improve the body’s energy metabolism & restore normal body functions.

Fix your gut

80% of the immune cells live in the guts. It houses over 100 trillion good bacteria, yeast and other microbes. Digesting, absorbing, and assimilating the nutrients we eat is critical for good health. Therefore, we need to ensure that the microbes in our gut are in optimum.

Cool off inflammation and infections

Inflammation compromises on our immunity, which in turn makes us prone to infections. Therefore, the causes of inflammation such as high presence of chemicals and pesticides in food should be avoided. Pro-biotics and herbs help cool down our system.

Boost energy metabolism

The body requires energy to survive. Loss of energy is found in most chronic disorders. We extract energy from food we eat and the oxygen we breathe, through a process called metabolism. Therefore, keeping the metabolic engine running smoothly is essential for health.

Detoxify Toxins

Our body is exposed to several toxins in our day-to-day lives. These toxins maybe from external sources such as chemical and radiation exposure, polluted air or from internal sources such as our food intake. This can lead to disease. We should therefore detoxify and cleanse our system with low inflammatory foods, detoxifying juices, or by fasting etc.

Stay well hydrated

Drinking enough water alone is not enough. We need to ensure that the water we drink or use in cooking is structured, ionized and alkaline or free of toxins.

Calm you mind

Every thought can affect our body through neuro-hormonal response. We should shun negative thoughts and tune our minds to think positive. This can be possible through meditation and a deeper understanding of self and purpose. The trick is to keep ourselves calm, composed and grounded..

Sleep enough

Sleep cycles follow our natural ‘circadian’ body rhythms. When our sleep cycle is disturbed, they body rhythms go haywire. The primary functions of sleep are rest, regeneration and repair the body and recharge the mind. Thus, we need to ensure we get our well rested sleep..

Be active

When are active, we activate are lungs to breathe deeper. It improves our blood circulation. Our liver and lymph nodes start their detoxification process. When we sweat, our kidneys filter put the contaminants from our body. This gives us more energy during the day and we sleep better at night.

Reduce blue light

Modern day work requires a lot of exposure to blue light from our laptops, screens and mobile phones. We should consciously reduce this exposure as much as possible, especially at night. Also, during the day, we should soak in as much of sunlight as possible.