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Our Science and Evidence-Based Interdisciplinary Health Approach
Learn about our evidence-based, interdisciplinary approach to health that underpins all our therapeutic programs.
The way healthcare is designed to be!

Whats unique about our science and philosophy?

In our continuous endeavor, we are relooking and redefining how chronic illness has been treated symptomatically through a common set procedure irrespective of the individual patient.

At, we are moving away from a ‘one size fits all’ to a focus on each individual and an evidence- backed treatment protocols and procedures that identifies the root cause(s) specific to the individual and designs a program that is centered on her internal and external environment, using our proprietary treatment program.

Pillars of Wellfinity’s Science & Philosphyparticle-three-lines

Pillars of wellfinity our science and philosophy

Understand And Address
root causes, Not Symptoms.

Through cutting-edge science along with our patent-pending proprietary technology,
we use the most advanced and extensive set of tests, after tests, to get to the actual root cause(s):

Nutrition profile

Vitamins & minerals, amino acids, fatty acids

Inflammatory markers

Functional markers

Metabolic, microbiome and gut environment

Heavy metals and toxic exposure

Hair mineral test assessment

Every entry of signs and symptoms and biomarkers data along with your medical and dietary history are carefully evaluated and studied by both machines and by our clinicians. This helps you to understand how your body works and what is the true cause of imbalance and their interactions within a biological system be it at the organism, tissue, cellular or the body level.

By conducting these tests, we aim to check for nutritional deficiencies, functional reserve, toxic load, metabolic capacity, variations in physiologic functioning, hormonal imbalances, diurnal and cyclic variation, and early tissue injury marker, Inflammatory markers and more. Inquiry into the dynamic processes of the “metabolomics” allows personalization of therapy.

One Disease Many Root Causes
One Root Cause
Many Diseases!

A Revolutionary Diversity of Inter-Disciplinary
Scientific Approach And Program Design

Our interdisciplinary team encompasses a broad spectrum of disciplinary experts of doctors across conventional and alternative medicine, functional medicine, nutrition, dieticians, yoga therapists, meditation experts, mind and behavioural wellness experts, lifestyle coaches and more.

Our Cornerstone 12 Dimensional Approach

A sustained holistic well-rounded approach to treating and reversing diabetes

Our proprietary program solutions are science & evidence backed…

Innovative personalised program for diabetes & chronic disease

...Holistic in approach & put together by a team of interdisciplinary experts.

We look at a disease not in its singularity but as a whole. We connect the dots and look at all the possible causes of the disease. This allows us to address the specific root-causes in a natural way so that disease can be reversed on a sustained basis. Through this approach, almost magically many of our customers have seen ‘Side-Benefits’, wherein their other parameters and markers show drastic improvements.

Through an integrative science and systems biology approach, we study the interplay and interlinkage between body systems. While symptoms show up in one area, the cause maybe elsewhere.

To achieve that, we study an individual’s data and markers and corelate them to come up with the relevant interpretation. Based on this interpretation we develop a personalized and contextualized program which will be best suited for the individual. More importantly you will be listened to and heard at every step. Along with individual attention, there will be continuous hand-holding throughout the treatment period via dedicated health coach(s), and the micro-community.

Designing the best of solutions from across every and any science and medicine

Our Science Sticks to What is good for you

Our science, research and proprietary program is designed for people and not merely a standardized set of protocols. Our solutions and programs always start from you to the outward rather than the other way around. We understand that each of us and our body is unique in multiple ways, hence the solution needs to be designed uniquely too.

More importantly, we study an individual’s data and markers thoroughly to come up with a correct interpretation. Based on this interpretation we develop a personalized and contextualized program which will be best suited for the individual. Such a program is usually an integrated combination of various fields of medicine and sciences.



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