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Overview of Our Reversal Methodology
Gain insights into our carefully designed reversal methodology that targets the root cause and fosters lasting wellness.

In simple terms, rather than ask what drug do we use to treat the symptom, we ask the basic question 'what led to the symptom and what is truly causing the imbalance and or inflammation in its first place’. Then we move to ‘what does the body and its system need to regain its balance’.

Our Proprietary Program Process


We measure the current health and degree of imbalance


We analyze symptoms, signs & historical data along with bio-markers in order to identify the root cause

Knowledge Sharing

We recommend sustainable long-term solutions to our members


We re-examine the
outcome of our solutions

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Loop back

We repeat the cycle from stage 1 till it becomes sustainable and first nature

We remove the causes of imbalance and inflammation, the bad stuff or trouble elements. Thereafter proceeding to add a few ingredients to support proper system
add the missing good stuffs.

The Dimensions of Our
Proprietary Treatment Program

A sustained holistic well-rounded approach. The 12 dimensions are our cornerstone in the treatment and reversal methodology. 
They go beyond food and nutrition and address the varied aspects that cause imbalances.

Our Cornerstone 12 Dimensional Approach

A sustained holistic well-rounded approach to treating and reversing diabetes

The Objective is to Free yourself from the burden of diabetes and chronic diseases.

What Do You Get On The Program?

Dedicated clinical coach

Hand-held guidance and support from a dedicated health & wellness coach who is just a message away

Ultra-personalised programs

Individualized plan and 1-0-1 sessions that puts you on a sustained path of health & wellness

Remote access

Expert care delivered from anywhere and at anytime.

Continuous guidance and supervision

Services of a wider community of clinical experts across varied disciplines and medicine

Home based tests

Convenience of diagnostics from the comfort of your home

Structured educational resources

Your continuous guide and tools for better understanding on the 12 dimensions

Personalized Diet & Nutrition

Regular food guidance and recipes

Live sessions

On alternate days on movement, relaxation and meditation

Medicine reduction

Carefully guided over time and according to your individual progress

Precision nutritional supplements

A guide which is needed in the initial periods of the program

Starter pack

Welcome kit with basic do’s and don’t’s to get you started

Micro community

An engaged and empathetic community of participants

Why Our Proprietary Program Works? arrows-h1

People choose our online programs, based on the trust and validation of our evidence-based approach and protocols that is personalized leading to disease reversal and side benefits. We have created a new platform that provides individualized solutions to most chronic disorders of the modern era.

We don’t just
manage diseases

Our program takes the shortest time to
manage and reverse chronic illness, with
adherence to our protocols.

Evidence based
reversal and cure

We don’t treat the symptoms. We get to
the root cause of the disease using our
patent pending technology.


Our treatment is designed
for sustainability. We are
not just looking at restoring

Holistic &
integrative approach

Our treatment is based on
restoring the biological
balance of the whole body.

Interdisciplinary plan

The idea is to formulate the best possible
recommendation, personalized and
contextualized for every individual.

Personalization &

Our programs are centered on you. We
don’t believe that ‘one-size fits all’. We
believe every individual is different.

Complete and sustainable disease reversible is possible through a systematic treatment procedure and process!

Which diabetes plan is suitable for me?

  • Diabetes Reversal Plan
    (Individual) 3 months
  • If you are self-disciplined and need to be shown the path
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan (Group)3 months
  • Need some guidance initially and are participate actively during the 3 months
  • Diabetes Reversal Plan - Beginners (Group) (Recommended)6 months
  • Need a lot more hand handling and guidance