Lichen planus is NOT a Skin Issue Alone
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Are you ready to say goodbye to Lichen planus and welcome a clearer, more confident skin?

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Experience the relief of clear skin with Wellfinity, your trusted partner in reversing  Lichen planus.

Our Proven Track Record Speaks For Itself


Reversing Lichen planus for countless individuals


Sustained results better than conventional treatments


Significantly reduced or eliminated flare-ups and plaques


Sustained clear skin even after completing our program​

6+ kgs

Witness weight loss as a delightful "Side Benefit" within just 3 months


A1c Reduction: Attain blood sugar control naturally, without drugs


Sustained sugar level reduction even after completing our program

7+ kgs

Witness weight loss as a delightful "side benefit" within just 3 months

Side Benefits: Experience reductions in inflammation, itchiness, redness, and an overall improvement in skin health, joint issues, gut, mind and overall health.


*Note:These average results are based on members who have diligently followed all protocols during our 3 & 6-month programs.

Conventional Treatment

Topical treatments – ointments and moisturisers

Prolonged medication

Harsh medications going upto steroids

Organ damage due to longterm medication

Address Skin and not root cause

Never a permanent solution

Side effects of drugs are severe


Wellfinity treatment

No Medicines or creams​

Restores healthy gut (Biggest Factor)

Correct nutrition deficiency and immune imbalances

Reduces toxic exposure, stress, improve sleep

Opens up detoxification pathways

Controls and removes infections

Improve Health of Full Body

Patches & Marks reduce naturally

This is Susheel's Journey with Wellfinity over 6-8 months.

(Susheel is a real patient but we’ve changed his name to protect his privacy.)

Why book free consultationarrows-h1

Why Schedule a Free Consultation? arrows-h1

Have you dreamt of living a life free from the discomfort of  lichen planus? Allow our seasoned lichen planus experts, with a combined experience of over 35 years, to make that dream a reality. 

Over the past 13+ years I've had the privilege of helping patients with psoriasis get rid of it!

Here's how our FREE consultation will benefit you from day one:

At, we adopt a holistic, integrative, and comprehensive approach to  lichen planus management. Developed and supervised by expert medical professionals, our protocol is grounded in thorough TESTING – no guesswork, only facts! Our goal is to unearth the “root cause” of your  lichen planus and provide a natural, lasting solution.

Despite being a common condition, lichen planus is often misunderstood and mismanaged.

Our free consultation will grant you arrows-h1

Insights into the root cause of lichen planus and its contributing factors

A better understanding of your skin's response to lichen planus

An explanation of the science behind lichen planus reversal

Strategies to prevent future flare-ups

Personalized skincare and dietary recommendations

Take the first step towards a brighter, healthier skin – start reversing lichen planus with simple lifestyle changes today!

12,597* INR

3 Months

21,996* INR

6 Months

*Testing + supplements costs not included

True Story of Recovery at Wellfinity

Mira's Life-Changing Journey with Wellfinity

From Skin Struggles to Sunshine

Meet Mira, a bubbly 7-year-old who loved to play just like any other kid. But her life took a challenging turn when she started to develop weird skin patches. These patches grew into purple areas with white lines and black spots, looking like scales. They spread across her legs and arms, becoming so noticeable that she felt the need to cover up, even among friends.

Before coming to Wellfinity, Mira and her family tried many things. They visited skin experts and tried different types of medicine like homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments. But nothing worked. Most treatments used harsh skin creams that didn’t fix the problem.

So, what made the difference? At Wellfinity, we took a different approach. First, we did many tests to find out the real issues affecting Mira. These tests checked for things like infections, not enough water in the body, lack of good nutrition, and how well her liver was working.

After understanding Mira’s unique needs, we made a full health plan for her. This plan started with fixing her body’s swelling and getting rid of her infections and toxic stuff in her body.

We also changed her diet to be more natural and healthy. This change, along with treating her infections and toxic issues, made the patches start to dry up and peel off. And it wasn’t just her skin that got better. Mira became happier, cried less, and even her ear infections and bruises healed faster.

Over time, her original skin began to show, and she was able to eat foods that she had to avoid before. Now, Mira is a joyful 7-year-old playing in the sun, wearing shorts and tees, just like her friends.

With Wellfinity, Mira found more than a cure; she reclaimed her childhood.

(Mira is a real patient but we’ve changed her name and image to protect her privacy.)

Our Lichen planus Program not only reverses Lichen planus but also delivers Side-Benefits:

No longer dependent on prescription creams or harsh medications

Minimal to No itchiness and discomfort

Sustained clear skin with reduced to zero flare-ups

Improved skin hydration and texture & Enhanced overall skin health

Goodbye to joint pains, stiffness & swelling

Improve overall health and prevent other complications

Boosted self-confidence and self-esteem

Positive impact on overall well-being and mood

You Are in Safe Hands

Dr. Ashwani Garg

Co-Founder and Clinical Co-Head at Wellfinity

He is a physician with responsibility and accountability. A conventionally trained doctor who is currently practicing functional medicine for over 10 years. Dr. Ashwani’s current focus of practice is on elucidating the root cause of chronic diseases in every person and preparing personalized treatment plans to resolve the disease. His belief is that we humans are not designed to be diseased, rather we are made for good health& wellness. All it needs is a right environment. Dr. Ashwani helps the health seekers to gain this right environment in their bodies through a multidisciplinary approach of Functional medicine.

Dr. R R Thangadurai

Co-Founder and Clinical Co-Head at Wellfinity

He is a general surgeon from Madras Medical College, Chennai and exceled in the surgical field for over 10 years. Since the past 5 years, his passion for research and a deep understanding of the body’s functioning at a holistic and systems level, has made him focus specifically on chronic diseases related to Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, Hypercholestrolemia, Hypertension, Heart Diseases and overall metabolic disorders. His personal view is that the primary duty of a physician is to bring wellness in the society. To help all of us come out of our aliments and keep healthy. He strongly believes that by making transformations to lead a disease and drug free life is an honor and reward for any physician.

Are You Ready to Join Many Other Indians Who Have Reversed Lichen planus?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We take a functional approach with psoriasis. We have a doctor developed & doctor supervised protocol. The foundation lies in the objective TESTING!

    Yes. Lichen planus is a complex disease that can be difficult to treat if not understood well. Traditional treatments, such as topical creams and medication, may provide temporary relief, but they do not address the underlying causes of the disease and hence it remains untreated for years.

    However, understanding and treating the underlying factors that cause Lichen planus to occur, can lead to improvement or complete resolution of the condition. This approach involves a comprehensive assessment by our integrative and functional medicine practitioners with a thorough understanding of the condition, including functional testing, nutrition and other holistic and natural interventions.

    Our program offers a holistic approach to treating Lichen planus by managing the condition’s underlying causes, which can help reduce symptoms, improve quality of life, and prevent flare-ups. The approach is to detect the triggers, try to remove them, work on repairing the damage to the system and optimize health for the longest period.

    We closely monitor and adjust the treatment plan as needed so as to make it very personalised. This is crucial for ensuring that the treatment is effective and tailored to the individual’s needs More importantly since the program works at a holistic level, our members see other health benefits across the body and mind as well.

    The goal of the program is not only to reverse your Lichen planus, but more importantly to train, teach and empower you to understand what works and what does not work for your body. The protocols and guidance during the program should be continued with for life in your own way so as to become your new lifestyle. If this is maintained, not only will your psoriasis not come back, but you would stay clear of other chronic diseases as well.

    There are no side-effects, only side-benefits in the program. Which means that apart from your Lichen planus, you will start seeing improvement in other areas of your body and overall health, like better gut health, improved mental clarity and sharpness, no dullness, better energy levels and more.

    Our members typically experience relief within 30-45 days into the program and see improvements on their skin within the 60-90 days of the program. However, an important point to note is that each individual’s body is unique and for some it could be faster and for others a bit prolonged. It also depends on closely you are able to follow the protocols

    Yes. This program is suitable for all types of lichen planus, early and late stages and across all ages and gender.

    No. The idea is to correct the imbalances and dysfunction from its root so as not to be dependent on any medication or ointments which are only superficial relief.

    Diet and lifestyle play a very important role in Lichen planus and its reversal. We need to understand what is causing the inflammation, imbalances and dysfunction which is closely related more to our lifestyle than anything else. 

    In our practice we remove the bad and add the good or missing parts. One of the major causes of inflammation and nutritional deficiency is the basic raw material the body requires from food, water, air, sun, good thoughts. When any or a combination of this becomes negative it leads to issues over a period of time. We have seen certain category of foods that trigger inflammation that needs to be eliminated. Likewise certain basic nutrition is missing, that needs to be added to heal the skin. 

    Similarly holistic aspects of lifestyle from water, sun, air, toxin exposure, radiation, gut and mitochondria are looked into and addressed.

    Research indicates chronic stress can worsen Lichen planus and may even lengthen the time to disease clearance. Calming techniques such as yoga, deep breathing, and other such recommendations will be provided in the plan so as to reduce stress and anxiety to promote relaxation.

    Quality sleep matters! Aim for 8 hours each night. Psoriasis patients often face sleep issues. We’ll guide you for better sleep.

    During a 3 months program, there will be 4 official online consultation calls. First at the beginning of the program to take you through the plan and then after every month another call will be scheduled. During this period you will be in daily touch with your doctor and coach through whatsapp messages. A doctor in your pocket.

    There will be a dedicated team throughout the tenure of the program to guide, hand hold, explain, nudge you at every corner to ensure you are on your path to recovery and reversal, not only related to Lichen planus but your overall health + wellness. The team goes out of their way to ensure your success and more importantly empower you to take charge of your own health.

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    Which plan is suitable for me?

    • Beginners Plan3 months
    • If you are self-disciplined and need to be shown the path
    • Comprehensive Plan6 months
    • Need some guidance initially and are participate actively during the 3 months