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Diabetes Reversal Program: Regain Control & Break Free From Life-Long Medication
Embark on a journey to regain control of your health with our unique diabetes reversal approach. Learn to live free from medications and understand the benefits of a diabetes reversal diet & lifestyle.

Discover a range of personalised programs available for diabetes reversal, pre-diabetes reversal, and comprehensive diabetes management.

Type 2 Diabetes Reversal Program

For members with Type 2 diabetes willing to actively participate in our protocols to completely reverse the disease, we recommend our diabetes reversal program. This program is designed to guide you through the reversal of diabetes type 2 using evidence-based proven methods.

Management Program

For Type-1 & Type-1.5 diabetics and those Type-2 members unwilling to participate actively, we recommend our diabetes management program. This involves better management of blood sugars & improvement in HbA1c levels over time, along with improvements such as energy levels, thirst, weight, diet, hunger, mood levels and more.


This program is best suited to reverse pre-diabetic conditions in patients (HbA1c level of 5.7 to 6.4). The objective here is to return blood sugar to below pre-diabetic levels, and it comes along with other side benefits such as weight loss. Learn the secret to remain diabetes free for life.

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how to reverse diabetes permanently?

Get started with your diabetes reversal journey in 3 easy steps in less than 2 mins:

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Our Plans

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Select the plan that suits your condition. All our plans offer a digital form of delivery, ensuring we can serve diabetics from across the globe from the comfort of their homes.

Diabetes Reversal Plan (Individual)

Diabetes Reversal Plan - Beginners (Group)


Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan (Group)

Dedicated clinical coach with daily whatsapp access
Continuous guidance and supervision
Home-based tests*



Analysis of biomarkers (lab reports), symptoms and signs
Root-cause understanding along with 'connecting the dots'
Ultra-personalised programs across the 12 dimensions


Personalized Diet & Nutrition
Starter pack
Personal 1-o-1 consultations




Live group sessions across the 12 dimensions
Live sessions on movement, relaxation and meditation
Structured educational resources


Whatsapp access to micro-community and fellow members
Recommendation for precision nutritional supplements**
Holistic self-awareness in maintaining reversal
Regular assessment

4,199 INR


6,499 INR

Per Month

5,499 INR

Per Month

Which plan is suitable for me?

If you are self-disciplined and
need to be shown the path

Need some guidance initially and participate actively during the 3 months

Need a lot more hand holding and guidance

*The plan covers for set of tests that is based on past history of Diabetic patients. Incase any additional test is required (which maybe in ~ 10 – 20% of cases), the same is not included in the diabetes reversal program cost.
**This covers recommendation only and not the actual supplements, will have to be purchased.

Thinking about Diabetes Reversal Program cost?
Affordable & Priceless

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Select the plan that suits your condition. All our plans offer a digital form of delivery, ensuring we can serve diabetics from across the globe from the comfort of their homes.

Medical expenses

Organ(s) damage medical

Diabetes free, Healthy Life

Current Treatments

6k - 8k /per month
for life long

Rs. 1 - 5 Lakhs


With Wellfinity

7k - 9k /per month
for 6 months max



An Optimal Healthy Functioning Body is of Utmost
Importance to Realize Your Dreams And Goals And Also
to Take Care of Your Family,
Be health-wise!

How does Wellfinity’s Proprietary Diabetes Reversal Program work in action?

From onboarding to reversing diabetes and maintaining reversal, our program offers a comprehensive approach. Experience blended care and support, motivational coaching, optimal personalised nutrition and diet, unique lifestyle guidance, and much more. Stay connected to our community for self-help and to assist others. Enjoy energy for an active lifestyle and live your life, free from diabetes and worry. Our approach is science- and evidence-based.

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Reversing Diabetes

Maintaining Reversal

Get started?

To explore more about the best diabetes reversal program and diabetes care packages, get onto a call with us.

What is the difference between diabetes reversal and diabetes management?

Diabetes reversal primarily focuses on strategies and holistic protocols that can potentially reverse the condition for life, especially in the case of type 2 diabetes reversal. The aim is to bring down blood sugar to normal levels while reducing and even eliminating the need for medications, including insulin. On the other hand, effective diabetes management leads to an improved quality of life. This can result in reduced medication, decreased risk of complications, and better health outcomes, including alleviating symptoms like fatigue, tiredness, frequent urination, and eye problems. Consequently, there may be no need to continually increase your medications.

Can pre-diabetes be reversed?

Yes. Reversal for pre-diabetes is rather faster and relatively easier. Our program is designed to help patients with HbA1c levels between 5.7 to 6.4 return their blood sugar levels to a normal range including their metabolic health. Along with blood sugar control, patients often experience side benefits such as weight loss and improvements in other health parameters.

How does a diabetes reversal diet plan work?

Wellfinity’s diabetes reversal diet plan focuses on the right category of foods and eating patterns that stabilise blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and support overall health. This often includes a balance of macronutrients, low-glycemic foods, wholesome and natural foods, and avoiding inflammatory foods such as processed sugars, dairy and wheat. Our approach is science- and evidence-based.

Is type 1 diabetes reversal possible?

While type 1 diabetes reversal is more challenging due to its autoimmune nature, our programs aim to help manage the condition effectively. We focus on improving the quality of life, managing blood sugar levels, reducing complications and over a period of time reducing dependency on insulin.

How does weight loss impact diabetes?

Weight loss can have a significant positive impact on diabetes, especially type 2, since both are outcomes of a metabolic disorder. Losing excess weight can improve insulin sensitivity, making it easier to control blood sugar levels. For many, weight loss is a key component of diabetes reversal at Wellfinity.

Are there any low carb diet recommendations for diabetes reversal?

Carbs are actually good, as long as we know what kind of carb it is, simple (white rice, wheat, ultra-processed foods) or complex (millets, whole grains + pulses, etc). Complex carbs do not spike the blood sugar levels, unlike simple carbs and hence it has a shielding effect in regulating blood sugar levels. Complex carbs also come with fibre, which is an essential component (prebiotic food) for building a healthy gut (prebiotic is a feeder to probiotics which helps in developing the good bacteria and reducing the bad bacteria in the gut).


For diabetics and a healthy diet, the quantity of starch or complex carbs doesn’t really matter, but consuming unprocessed or minimally processed carbs is more important and recommended for better metabolism.

Yes, a low carb diet can be beneficial for diabetes reversal, especially for type 2 diabetes. By reducing carbohydrate intake, blood sugar spikes can be minimised, aiding in better blood sugar control.

How does Wellfinity's program compare in terms of cost with traditional diabetes treatments?

When considering the diabetes reversal program cost, it’s essential to factor in the long-term savings from potentially reducing or eliminating medications, avoiding complications, organ failures and improving overall health. Our program offers a comprehensive approach that can be more cost-effective in the long run compared to lifelong traditional treatments. One time cost over lifelong recurring costs.

Which diabetes plan is suitable for me?

  • Diabetes Reversal Plan
    (Individual) 3 months
  • If you are self-disciplined and need to be shown the path
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan (Group)3 months
  • Need some guidance initially and are participate actively during the 3 months
  • Diabetes Reversal Plan - Beginners (Group) (Recommended)6 months
  • Need a lot more hand handling and guidance