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Understanding Diabetes: Dispelling Myths and Revealing Root Cause
Dive deeper into understanding this chronic condition, dispel common myths, and unearth the root cause of diabetes.

Break free from diabetes and its burdens.

At Wellfinity, we don’t just help you cure diabetes permanently, we empower you to take charge of your own health and wellness by identifying the real cause of diabetes

You have a choice Not to Live with

Medications for life

measurements & monitoring everyday

Debilitating organ
damages & failures

Physical, Emotional & Monetary toll


Lethargy, dullness, sluggishness

Being a patient
for life


Rather move towards
Side effects benefitsarrows-h1

Medicine dependency
is gradually reduced to zero, for life

Avoid the risk of
high BP, Fatty liver,
or heart diseases

Most importantly, you will feel enthusiastic, active, and not dull

Improved quality
of sleep

Restore your appetite

Better mental & emotional stability

Diabetes Insulin

The Myth Behind
Why Diabetes Occurs

This causes

Increase insulin release from the pancreas

This causes

Excrete more sugars from kidneys

Thereby relying on medications and drugs to produce more insulin, which becomes a lifelong struggle.

The True Root Causes of Diabetes

It’s not genetic, It’s epigenetic Diabetes.
They can be reversed as they do not affect our genes

It is a common fallacy to think that chronic conditions such as Type 2 & Type 1.5 diabetes are genetic disorders which we must live with, however, in most cases, it’s epigenetic diabetes. Epigenetic changes are the effect on our genes due to our behavior and environment. High blood sugars are just a symptom of an underlying problem. There can be many root causes of Type-2 epigenetic diabetes. 

These are as follows:

Insulin resistance


Dietary factors from a high sugar/processed diet

Vitamin and mineral deficiency

Dysbiosis or gut imbalance

Toxins from the environment

Chronic stress

Oxidative damage to the cell membranes

Lack of adequate exercise

Blue light toxicity

Leptin resistance

Carbohydrate intolerance due to systemic lipotoxicity


The solutions we offerarrows-h1

A combination of epigenetics therapy and functional medicine can gradually reduce the patient’s need for medication
and eventually moves to reverse diabetes

What to eat and
what to avoid

Elemental changes in food, water, light, grounding

Behavioral & mental wellness to help reduce stress

Improving gut

Detoxification of
heavy metals

Non-native EMF protection and reduce blue light toxicity


Live sessions on movement, relaxation and meditation

Overall, people have exhibited a renewed level of energy, vitality and enthusiasm.

Wellfinity’s Model
Unique in its
Diabetic Treatment

Our proprietary program focuses on the root cause to help restore your
metabolic health and reverse diabetes naturally sustainably.

No calorie counting or
restriction on calorie intake

You don’t need to follow
fad diets

You will not be needed to measure your glucose
regularly, hence no

There is no risk of organ
damage or failure

There will be no sensors or tracking devices to keep
you on a hyper-active
‘always-on’ mode

You will not be needed to
get on the weighing scale

Medicine dependency is gradually reduced to zero

There is no risk of diseases
like high BP, fatty liver,
inflammation or heart

Most importantly, you will
feel enthusiastic, active,
and not dull


Diabetes Reversal
Success Stories at Wellfinity

Don’t just take it from us. Learn about the life-changing
benefits of diabetes reversal from our real members.

Before treatment- Diabetes reversal success stories -
After treatment- Diabetes reversal success stories -

My 68 year old mother was dependant on insulin shots for the past 11-12 years. She took the shots twice every day. We made minor modifications to her lifestyle & diet according to her schedule. In less than 3 months, she stopped taking insulin shots or any other form of diabetes medication. Her glucose levels are absolutely normal now.

I was suffering from fatigue, tiredness, had difficulty getting a sound sleep and my blood sugar levels was above the 150 mark. After consulting with Dr. Thangadurai and undertaking the program, within 1-2 months, I lost 6 kgs, felt more energetic and am sleeping well. Now my blood sugars levels are under 100 and I feel healthy overall!!!

I was suffering from Diabetes for the past 1.5 years for which I taking both insulin and medicines. My doctor referred me to Dr. Thangadurai for a consultation. Prior to 2 months, my sugar levels were like 420 mg% and now it is totally under control without any medications. I am no longer feeling dull and lethargy but have a renewed energy and a healthy self!

Apart from obesity, an inactive or sedentary lifestyle and hormonal disorders, conventional medicine often attributes the root cause of Diabetes to family history and genetics. It leads patients to believe that they cannot do anything but ‘manage’ this ‘inherited disorder.’ But the fact is that Type-2 diabetes is an ‘epigenetic’ disorder, not a genetic one. In other words, the disorder is not innately imbibed in our genes. The root cause of diabetes is rather, the impact of our external environment and lifestyle factors that has affected our otherwise healthy genes. Some of the factors that impair mitochondria functioning and cause insulin resistance are lack of sunshine, exposure to artificial lights and digital screens, dehydration, exposure to Wi-Fi, radiation and toxins, nutritional deficiency, stress among etc.  These changes are reversible, and that is the key to Type-2 Diabetes reversal.

Diabetes Type-2 reversal is no longer rocket science.  With a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, we can reverse Diabetes naturally. However, in order to know what lifestyle changes to make, we must first understand what is causing the disease. Thereafter we can bring about changes in our nutrition and lifestyle accordingly. This will include a nutritious diet and regular exercise, which should effect weight loss without compromising on the energy needs of the body. Along with it, meditation, relaxation, good quality sleep of about 8 hours, stress management, drinking sun-charged or Kangen water, grounding and spending time with nature under sunlight, reducing exposure to blue light and digital screens and improving gut microbiome are some of the simple steps that we could undertake to reverse Diabetes

In general practice, diabetes is accepted as a life-long disease. Therefore, prescription medication is used not to cure diabetes permanently, but to ‘manage’ the disease lifelong. This entails keeping the patient’s blood sugar levels under ‘control’ without actually addressing the root cause. The integrative and functional medicine approach on the contrary, focuses on Type-2 Diabetes reversal for life. It is a holistic and integrated approach that combines the best practices of various streams of medical treatment to develop a treatment protocol that is the most appropriate Type-2 Diabetes cure for every individual patient. This protocol looks at the body as a whole and treats all the different dimensions that cause diabetes. Thus, medication alone cannot cure Type-2 Diabetes permanently. In fact, medicine will have side effects which impact different organs and their functioning.

The most commonly asked question by patients is – Can I reverse Type-2 Diabetes?

Our answer is – Yes.

The problem with conventional treatment is that it solely focuses on reducing the high blood sugar levels (by assuming insulin production in low), without addressing the root cause – insulin resistance. Insulin medications direct the pancreas to produce more insulin that should ideally help in the absorption of blood sugars in cells. But due to insulin resistance, the sugars remain in the blood stream and are not able to enter the cells. This leads to a vicious cycle of more medications and lifelong Diabetes.

Because insulin resistance and Diabetes are a direct outcome of diet and lifestyle, the condition is completely reversible in a vast majority of cases, through the Functional approach wherein the focus is on addressing what is the root cause of insulin resistance. Many of our members have seen positive results during the program and have been able to reverse diabetes naturally. Dependency on medication is gradually reduced until there is no need for it anymore. The quality of sleep improves, along with mental and emotional stability. The risk of high BP, Fatty Liver and Heart Disease is reduced. The appetite is restored and patients generally feel more enthusiastic and active. Once our members reverse

A diabetes reversal program is a combination of dietary and lifestyle changes, exercise and meditation regimes, stress management training, and re-connecting with nature. A good Diabetes reversal program focuses on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself through mitochondria augmentation and cellular hydration. It should aim to enhance insulin sensitivity and maintain normal blood sugar levels without the use of any medication. It should be personalized to the specific need of each individual patient according to the patient’s symptoms, historical data and bio-markers. In each case, the target should be to identify and eliminate the root cause leading to diabetes and imbalances in the body, so that these are corrected for life.

A truly sustainable diabetes reversal program will look at treating diabetes from its roots cause and not merely at solving the symptoms. The approach will be holistic in so much as it looks at the body as a whole and does not focus only on diabetes. And most importantly through the approach, one would be diabetes free for life.

Wellfinity adopts a patient-centric approach to Diabetes reversal. We analyse the patient’s individual symptoms, history and biomarkers to identify the root cause. With due consideration to the patient’s individual lifestyle, a personalized treatment plan is designed to suit his individual needs. This plan integrates various fields of medical treatment and includes science-based ancient knowledge along with emerging innovations. Moreover, the approach is holistic. It looks at the body as a whole and not just the affected areas in isolation.

We follow an inter-disciplinary approach to controlling & managing (Type 1 & Type 1.5 diabetes) and reversing (Type 2 & pre-diabetes) through a nonsurgical, non-prescription-drug intervention program.

These features make the Wellfinity program arguably the best Diabetes reversal program in India.

Any and everyone who has, or is in the early stages of Diabetes and wants a natural and permanent cure, should enrol for the diabetes reversal program. We offer 3 distinct programs depending upon the Type of Diabetes and the ability of the patient toparticipate actively. Our Diabetes Reversal Program is most suited to Type-2 diabetics who can participate actively in order to completely reverse the disease. We have a Diabetes Management Program for Type 1 and 1.5 patients, and those Type-2 patients who cannot participate actively. For pre-diabetics (with HbA1c level of 5.7 to 6.4) we suggest our Pre-Diabetes Reversal Program. In short, anyone looking for a holistic and sustainable solution to Diabetes should enrol into the best Diabetes reversal program in India.

Members get 3 program options to choose from; a DIY (Do It Yourself) Diabetes Reversal Plan, a 3 month Diabetes Reversal Plan for beginners, and a 6 month Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan. Each of these plans includes distinct features which are listed in theplan section above.Once a plan has been chosen, the member is required to register with us and pay the plan fee online. Thereafter, the memberwill be enrolled and initiated into our Diabetes Reversal Program with all the necessary information. Alternatively, you can schedule a discovery call with us to get your queries resolved before making the payment online.

The cost of the Diabetes Reversal Program depends upon the plan you choose. The DIY Diabetes reversal costs Rs. 6,999 paid one-time. The 3 months beginner’s plan costs Rs. 6,499 per month and the 6 month comprehensive diabetes reversal costs Rs. 5,499 per month. Each plan has been carefully designed keeping in mind the varied needs of our members which we have observed in the course of running these programs.

In the second and third plans are inclusive of a set of tests based on the patient’s history. However, if any other tests are needed, the cost will have to be borne by you over and above the plan fee. Supplement costs will also be borne by the member and only recommendation is included in the plan fee.

The comprehensive plan involves more hand-holding and guidance by doctors and aninter-disciplinary team than the beginner’s plan. Whereas, the DIY plan is most suitable for self-disciplined individuals who only need to be shown the path.

Note: The average medical expense of a diabetes patient is Rs. 6,000-8,000 per month. Organ damage and failure could cost anywhere between Rs. 1-5 lakh. In comparison, the fee for your diabetes care package is very nominal. And what’s more, you could be disease free for life!

Which diabetes plan is suitable for me?

  • Diabetes Reversal Plan
    (Individual) 3 months
  • If you are self-disciplined and need to be shown the path
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan (Group)3 months
  • Need some guidance initially and are participate actively during the 3 months
  • Diabetes Reversal Plan - Beginners (Group) (Recommended)6 months
  • Need a lot more hand handling and guidance