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Cure Diabetes Permanently with Our Holistic Reversal Process
Discover how our innovative approach to curing Type 2 Diabetes sets us apart and explore the outcomes you can expect from our process.

The Wellfinity Model For Diabetes Cure​

At Wellfinity, we put you at the center of all our focus and hence the entire science, protocols,  and the proprietary program to cure diabetes permanently is custom designed for you.

Pillars of Wellfinity’s Science & Philosphy

Pillars of wellfinity - our science and philosophy

Pillars of Wellfinity’s Science & Philosphy


Patient-centric approach

At Wellfinity we are putting you at the center of all our focus and hence designing the entire science, protocols and most importantly the delivery around the user.

Interdisciplinary philosphy

Depending upon the individual need of the patient, we use a combination of conventional, alternative, functional medicine, new and emerging pathways or those rooted in ancient traditions backed by scientific evidence.

Personalized solutions

One size doesn't fit all. Each individual case is different and we treat it differently, depending on the patient's individual biomarkers. We take into account personal factors such as lifestyle, belief systems, and food choices to design a plan that suits individual needs.

Group (3)

Root cause analysis

We don't just look at the symptoms of diseases. We identify the root cause through an extensive set of tests and treat it.

Holistic approach

We look at the body as a whole as with an integrative science and systems approach, diseases and the absence of disease is as an interplay and interlinkage between body systems. While symptoms show up in one area, the cause maybe elsewhere.

Our Cornerstone 12 Dimensional Approach

A sustained holistic well-rounded approach to treat and reverse diabetes naturally!

Meet Our Proprietary Diabetes Cure Program


We measure the current health and degree of imbalance


We analyze symptoms, signs & historical data along with bio-markers in order to identify the root cause

Knowledge Sharing

We recommend sustainable long-term solutions to our members


We re-examine the
outcome of our solutions

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Loop back

We repeat the cycle from stage 1 till it becomes sustainable and first nature

You dont have to live with diabetes, it can be cured permanently with a systematic and tested process. We can help you live a healthier and happier life

Why Our Proprietary Diabetes Reversal Program Works? arrows-h1

People choose our online diabetes cure programs, based on the trust and validation of our evidence-based approach and protocols that are personalized leading to diabetes reversal and side benefits. We have created a new platform that provides individualized solutions to the question 'how to cure diabetes permanently'.

We don’t just
manage diabetes

Our program takes the shortest time to
manage and reverse diabetes permanently, with
adherence to our protocols.

Evidence based
reversal and cure

We don’t treat the symptoms. We get to
the root cause of the disease using our
patent pending technology.


Our treatment is designed
for sustainability. We are not
just looking at restoring

Holistic &
integrative approach

Our treatment is based on
restoring the biological
balance of the whole body.

Interdisciplinary plan

The idea is to formulate the best possible
recommendation, personalized and
contextualized for every individual.

Personalization &

Our programs are centered on you. We
don’t believe that ‘one-size fits all’. We
believe every individual is different.

The Solutions We Offer arrows-h1

A combination of these gradually reduces the patient’s need for medication and eventually cure Type 2 Diabetes naturally.

What to eat and what to avoid

Elemental changes in food, water, light, grounding

Behavioral & mental wellness to help reduce stress

Improving gut

Detoxification of
heavy metals

Non-native EMF protection and reduce blue light toxicity

Nutritional supplements

Live sessions on movement, relaxation and meditation

What Results Can You Expect From Our Program

Our Program not only reverses diabetes permanently but also delivers Side effects benefits arrows-h1

No longer dependent on prescription drugs

Sustained improvement in
HbA1c & fasting plasma

Improved metabolism
and weight loss

Minimized chances of
heart attacks or strokes

Improved gut functioning
where complaints of

Fatigur or muscle weakness
are no longer experienced

Frequent urge to
urinate reduces

Quality of sleep

Dark patches &
skin tags clear out

Positive impact on blood
pressure, inflammation
& co-mordidities

Craving of sugar and
junk food subsides

No longer headaches
and there is a general
improvement in mood


Diabetes Reversal
Success Stories at Wellfinity

Don’t just take it from us. Learn about the life-changing
benefits of diabetes reversal from real our patients.
Before treatment- Diabetes reversal success stories -
After treatment- Diabetes reversal success stories -

My 68 year old mother was dependant on insulin shots for the past 11-12 years. She took the shots twice every day. We made minor modifications to her lifestyle & diet according to her schedule. In less than 3 months, she stopped taking insulin shots or any other form of diabetes medication. Her glucose levels are absolutely normal now.

I was suffering from fatigue, tiredness, had difficulty getting a sound sleep and my blood sugar levels was above the 150 mark. After consulting with Dr. Thangadurai and undertaking the program, within 1-2 months, I lost 6 kgs, felt more energetic and am sleeping well. Now my blood sugars levels are under 100 and I feel healthy overall!!!

I was suffering from Diabetes for the past 1.5 years for which I taking both insulin and medicines. My doctor referred me to Dr. Thangadurai for a consultation. Prior to 2 months, my sugar levels were like 420 mg% and now it is totally under control without any medications. I am no longer feeling dull and lethargy but have a renewed energy and a healthy self!

Diabetics often have loads of questions on their minds. Is Diabetes reversible? Can Type-2 Diabetes be reversed? How to reverse Diabetes? How to cure Diabetes permanently? hasall the answers, and more.

Yes, Diabetes is reversible. It can be reversed permanently too, by following a systematic procedure and process. At we have developed our Cornerstone 12 Dimensional Approach wherein members are guided to adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits, eat nutritious foods, exercise, meditate, reduce stress levels, etc. On the other hand, they also learn to avoidharmful things like blue light, toxins, inflammation, infections, etc. Precision supplements, mineral balancing and optimized organ function, and microbiome support help in mitochondria augmentation and hydration. When all of these 12 dimensions work in tandem, the patient is able to reverse diabetes naturally.

Now that we know that Diabetes can be reversed and how to reverse Diabetes naturally, the next question is how much time will it take to cure Type-2 Diabetes permanently?

At we have developed a Proprietary Program Process for the purpose. It starts with assessment of the member’s health and degree of imbalance. Next, we analyse the member’s signs, symptoms and historical data. Based on these, we design a personalized plan to be followed for a period. Once this period is over, we examine the outcome. If the disease has not been reversed, we loop back to stage 1 and repeat the process once again.

This process is repeated until diabetes has been reversed completely. Depending upon the member’s condition and his/ her sincerity in adhering to our protocols, this can take anywhere from 45 days to 6 months. Our members start seeing symptomatic relief within the first 2-3 weeks itself. However, at Wellfinity our focus is on a systemic reversal that lasts for life.

Type-2 patients know their diabetes is reversible. However, if they are not willing to change their lifestyle or if they revert to old bad habits, it will be difficult. So before they ask themselves “Can I reverse Type-2 Diabetes” they should rather ask “Do I sincerely want to reverse my diabetes?”

For Type-1 patients who find themselves asking“Can I reverse diabetes?” the answer is – yes. It is difficult, but not impossible. It will take a lot of effort, commitment and patience, as reversing Type-1 Diabetes is tougher than reversing Type-2.

A lesser known diabetes type is Type 1.5 Diabetes, also called latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA). In simple terms it’s a type of diabetes which falls between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Like in Type 1 diabetes, the body becomes dependant on insulin for its functioning, however, just like in Type 2 diabetes, with proper care and lifestyle changes, this too can be reversed.

Which diabetes plan is suitable for me?

  • Diabetes Reversal Plan
    (Individual) 3 months
  • If you are self-disciplined and need to be shown the path
  • Comprehensive Diabetes Reversal Plan (Group)3 months
  • Need some guidance initially and are participate actively during the 3 months
  • Diabetes Reversal Plan - Beginners (Group) (Recommended)6 months
  • Need a lot more hand handling and guidance

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