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How Our Proprietary Diabetes Care Plan Works
Get an insider's view of our proprietary diabetes care plan and learn how it can reverse diabetes.

How Does Wellfinity’s
Proprietary Diabetes Care Plan
Work in Action?

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Maintaining Reversal

Explore Our Program Work in Action in Further Details


Supply your basic health and contact details, similar to new patient forms at any healthcare center
Our team is here to you answer your questions and provide expert and easy on-boarding to the Wellfinity treatment.
  • We individualize our treatment for everyone.
  • Capture medical & personal history details along with you health goals.
  • Diagnostic tests based on the above, for which samples are collected from your home
  • All of which will help us design a plan that works for you.
  • On the basis of this analysis, an individualized treatment plan will be devised in consultation with clinical experts.
  • Our clinical experts will discuss your personalized treatment plan and answer any questions you have.
Upon enrollment completion and confirmation of payment or coverage, you are on your way to diabetes reversal!

Reversing Diabetes

Your coach will take the time to get to know you and understand your goals, and then provide the support you need to succeed!
A structured educational sequence of live and recorded sessions, access to literature and videos related to your treatment, recipes etc. and guides will teach and equip you how alter your lifestyle and diet.
Once you feel comfortable with how and why to change your lifestyle and diet, with the support of the your coach we will dive into your new lifestyle.
  • In this period, there will be multiple touch-points to aid you in your disease reversal journey. These include deep-dive calls and 8-9 live sessions in the first 3 months with interdisciplinary experts from various related fields covering the 12 dimensions of our treatment.
  • Live sessions every alternate day on movement, yoga, relaxation and meditation.
  • Perpetual contact via WhatsApp with your dedicated health coach or guide and with your micro-community during the entire duration of the program
Well defined Progress tracker which is a mix of both clinical and non-clinical data to keep us both aligned to the goal and how are we faring against the milestones
Your progress and biomarkers will be closely tracked by both clinical and non-clinical experts, and reduce your medications as your blood sugar normalizes.
When your blood sugar and A1c are below the diabetic threshold, and you no longer need diabetes medications, your diabetes will be reversed!

Maintaining Reversal

Your Wellfinity coach will help you build a long-term plan to maintain your good health. You can discuss new goals like sleep, weight-loss, stress-reduction, desired exercise, and more.
The patient community is available to you from day 1. Many patients find it extra rewarding to share their knowledge with new patients, and some even choose to become Wellfinity Ambassadors and Champions to educate others on diabetes reversal.
Stable blood sugar, a new source of energy, and less weight to carry around means that you can now get back to your life pre-diabetes and also catch up on the time lost because of diabetes.
Good health means that you can live your life the way you want. No more expensive medications, debilitating side-effects, depressing appointments, or sitting on the sidelines of life with dullness, lethargy and sluggishness.

Our Diabetes Care Plan can broadly be divided into 3 stages: Onboarding, Reversing Diabetes and Maintaining Reversal.

At the Onboarding stage, we do a 360° diagnosis with the use of scientific biomarkers, a study of your medical history and an understanding your current signs and symptoms. Thereafter, we join the dots and design a personalized treatment plan.

The second stage in the Type-2 Diabetes Reversal Plan comprises of blended care, personalised support, personal and group sessions, motivational coaching, nutrition and diet education, structured educational content sharing and sessions, live movement, relaxation and meditation events, etc. This is the stage at which we apply our 12 dimensional treatment.

The final stage is about maintain reversal once it has been achieved. By following our plan, some members have been able to cure Diabetes in 30 days!

On-boarding: Once your application has been submitted, our Enrolment Advisor will e-meet you for initiation and briefing, after which you will be tested for your symptoms and signs. On the basis of the test results and your goals, a personalized plan will be developed for you in consultation with doctors and clinical experts from across different medical disciplines. Your personalisedplan will be discussed with you by yourdedicated doctor and Clinical provider.

Reversing Diabetes: Yourassigned dedicated doctor and Clinical providerwill understand your goals and provide the support that you need on a daily basis. These will be through videos, literature, live sessions which help you follow our 12 dimensional treatment, and recipes that help in nutrition changes. There will be continuous hand-holding and guidance, regular assessment and gradual reduction in medication dependency until reversal has been achieved.

Maintaining Reversal: In the last stage of the Type-2 Diabetes Reversal plan, your assigned dedicated doctor and Clinical providerwill help you build a long-term plan to maintain the reversal. You can also engage with the patient community to exchange knowledge and tips.


Personal assistance will be provided to you at all stages of your Diabetes Health Plan. During On-boarding, you will be guided by your Wellfinity Enrolment Advisor. After your tests are completed, your Wellfinitydedicated doctor and Clinical Provider will discuss with you to understand your goals. Once the reversing stage starts, you will constantly be in touch with your Wellfinitydedicated doctor and Clinical Provider through WhatApp and live sessions (both group and 1-to-1). When reversal has been achieved, your dedicated doctor and Clinical Provider will again help you build your long-term goals and maintain reversal.

Our team comprises of experts in various fields – doctors from different fields, functional medicine practitioners, pathologists, yoga and meditation experts, nutritionists – with a combined experience of treating 8.5k patients through 4 decades, many of whom have been able to cure diabetes in 30 days!!

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes, we may not be able to cope with the program schedule due to personal reasons. But we do advise you to return as soon as possible. A Diabetes reversal plan works only if you are sincere, committed to the program protocols. We are only here to assist you in achieving your goal. We can provide you the guidance, tools and knowledge, but it is you who has to do the hard work. In case a gap is unavoidable, you can always seek the advice of your clinical provider about how to get back on track.


Like all Health Optimization Plans, our Diabetes Care Plans are also delivered digitally – through a combination of video and voice call and individual/group video call sessions,which will either be live or recorded.

Even your tests samples will be collected in the comfort of your home by our channel partners.

The idea behind taking the online route is to be able to be able to deliver our world class Diabetes and chronic care to as many members as possible, at minimal cost.