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Shalini Mohahani
Reversed Diabetes after living with it for 5-6 Years Reduced 3.5 kgs in 3 months Skin issues disappeared Overall better physical health strength, wellness

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Shalini Mohahani

Multiple Chronic Issues
  • Reversed Diabetes after living with it for 5-6 Years
  • Reduced 3.5 kgs in 3 months
  • Skin issues disappeared
  • Overall better physical health strength, wellness

My experience has been really overwhelming. There are so many different areas I’d like to cover.

Firstly, I like to say thank you to a very good friend who put me in contact with Anurag, who I reached out to explaining to him about my past number of years being diabetic with a current report and how the possibility would be for me to reverse the diabetes. Like anyone’s wish would be to come true of not having to take medication and to live a normal life drug free would be great. Therefore, when I did take the first step into approaching him and being able to understand. Although at the beginning I was not very clear on the understanding aspect of how you guys operated. But day by day, it became easier for me and my experience with meal plans and how I could, should and was to do certain things, such as some sunbathing, some usage of Epsom salts, making sure that I got minimal contact with my mobile phone usage and my computer usage prior to sleeping with a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.

Introduction of my breakfast, lunch and dinner dos in Plan 1 and then going into plan two with the slight changes and amendments to plan one. And then by the time reaching plan three has really been a challenge.

But I must say I’m sitting here today with Simran and being able to share with her that I wake up looking forward to being able to intake what I am guided two words and what I’m allowed to to make me feel so much better about me knowing that I can control my blood sugar spikes and my whole skin issue has been a challenge for me the last two and a half years with the amount of antibiotics and medication that I been taking to try and treat it has made my stomach suffer so much.

With all these supplements that have been prescribed to me, the guidelines and the positivity that has come out from the panel of all the staff behind, I would really like to say a big thank you because today I’m able to understand the benefits of what I did not know, where I was heading towards until my 3 months of being complete and definitely looking forward to being able to maintain better physical health strength, wellness.

I lost some weight and more than losing the weight, I feel more toned and stronger and physically fit with the combination of good guidelines of eating clean, exercising, and making sure that my happiness comes from the combination of inside of me what is made me feel the way I am today.

Thank you. Wellfinity, power up.

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“In less than 3 months, she stopped taking insulin shots or any other form of diabetes medication.”

Dr. Anurag

Founder at Wellfinity.

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