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Type 1 Diabetes, 16 Years / Male

Current Imbalance(s): Type 1 Diabetes

Therapies: Functional Medicine along with Holistic Integrative Medicine

Consulting Date: 09-06-2022

Medical History:

Our member was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in Nov 2019. Since then he was taking approx 24 units of exogenous Insulin per day. Despite taking Insulin, he still had uncontrolled blood sugar levels. He would also have episodes of hypoglycemia. When he came to us, his HbA1c was 10.5.

Case Management: Functional Medicine along with Holistic Integrative Medicine, is focused on finding the root cause of disease, addressing it with lifestyle & nutritional modifications, correct supplementation and helping the member become disease free. Blood work was done to understand his nutritional deficiencies, heavy metal load, inflammation, antibodies, and more importantly his fasting Insulin levels. Along with that thyroid, liver and kidney function was also evaluated.

Findings: To our surprise, the body had developed Insulin resistance and he had heavy metal toxicity. His liver function was also compromised due to long standing high blood sugar. He also had a number of nutritional deficiencies.


  1. A Special Type 1 Diabetic diet was given to switch the body fuel from glucose to ketones, thus giving rest to the pancreas for its regeneration.
  2. Elimination of inflammatory food from diet to halt the autoimmune destruction of pancreas
  3. Heavy metal detox to reduce inflammation
  4. Correction of nutritional deficiencies with supplement and food
  5. Slow weaning of exogenous insulin was done to reduce insulin resistance and stop episodes of hypoglycemia as his glycemic control improved.
  6. Continuous blood glucose monitoring


“No medicine, no injections, only diet. After detection of my diabetes, I have evaded taking insulin injection for nearly 3 months now”- As reported by the member himself.

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