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Navigating Protein Deficiency Diseases: A Functional Medicine Approach


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A few months ago, I was on a visit to my sister’s place. During dinner one night, my teenaged nephew Aarav, rolled up his sleeves and I couldn’t help but notice dark, velvety patches on his skin. When I queried about it, my sister told me that he also had it more prominently around his …

Acanthosis Nigricans: A Skin Issue or a Sign of Insulin Resistance? Read More »

diet and nutritional choices

When Arijit was a young boy, he couldn’t understand why his parents didn’t allow him to eat outside. His mother would always hand over a tiffin to him with a proper home-cooked meal when he went to school or college. He was envious of his friend Bhaskar, whose parents gave him pocket money to eat …

How Diet and Nutrition Choices can Prevent Chronic Disease Read More »


It is quite likely that a healthcare professional would’ve told you that most of our health problems start in the gut. So also is the case with our skin issues. Science has established that there is a direct link between the gut and the skin. Both the gut and the skin contain microbial communities that …

The Gut-Skin Axis: Exploring the Gut’s Role in Psoriasis Read More »


Ashok’s love-hate relationship with insulin needles is never-ending. While they temporarily curb his blood sugar levels, dealing with the daily doses of needle pricks gets frustrating. Imagine enduring this pain every day, sometimes even twice a day, for the past 11 years. Ashok’s doctors say he may have to be dependent on this for life! …

How to Choose the Right Insulin Pen Needles for Diabetes Management Read More »

air pollution diabetes

Come October and most of North India – especially Delhi – is covered in a thick blanket of smog. As we sit home and engage in blame-games in the name of pseudo-intellectual internet debates, year after year we face the same problem with no one actually showing any real intent or inclination to address the …

Air Pollution and Diabetes: Unveiling the Connection in India’s Urban Centers Read More »


Varsha is a 27 year old working woman. She had been overweight since her childhood and was therefore body shamed in her school, college and daily life. So much so, that it was beginning to affect her mental health. But one day, Varsha decided she’d had enough. She was going to take charge of her …

Weight Loss Goals to Obesophobia: When Passion Turns to Pathology Read More »

measuring heart health

“A 45 year old man died of heart attack in Gujarat’s Rajkot, while playing cricket.” “A 22 year old college student collapsed while running on a treadmill in Ghaziabad, UP.” “A 36 year old engineer suffered a massive heart attack while dancing on stage at a wedding in Bangalore, and died.” Such news headlines are …

A Comprehensive Guide on Measuring & Protecting Your Heart Health Read More »


Imagine experiencing the discomfort of itchy and dry skin. Sometimes, it gets so bad, that you end up scratching until it bleeds. If you’ve experienced this physical and mental agony, the first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Approximately 10% of all adults in India, suffer from eczema. And in our …

Need Eczema Relief? You Need More Than Just Topical Treatments Read More »

blood sugar chart

An overweight friend of mine was once advised by a consultant to monitor his weight constantly. He followed the instructions, but over time, this became an exhausting exercise that resulted in mental fatigue and stress. This, in turn, became counterproductive to his objective of weight reduction, and he actually ended up gaining more weight! In …

A Comprehensive Chart for Adult Blood Sugar Levels with Diabetes Read More »

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