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How long will the reversal take?

How long reversal takes depends on the severity of the disease as well as how closely the recommendations and program protocols are sincerely followed. As with any lifestyle change, it takes time for one to get used to new habits and routines—typically around three weeks (21 days). This time period may also be sufficient to …

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How does the treatment work?

Our proprietary programs are based on years of research, cutting edge science and practical experiences put together by an inter-disciplinary team of experts.   Our core philosophy is based on the below premise: At we adopt a patient centric approach rather than a symptom or disease centric approach that adheres to generalised guidelines and …

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Who could benefit from treatment?

Our programmes benefit women and men in the age group of 15 to 70 years, diagnosed with diabetes or who are pre-diabetic ( or any other chronic diseases and who wish to truly reverse their diseases and put an end to the life-long medicines and related complications that occur because of these diseases. At …

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