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How does the treatment work?

Our proprietary programs are based on years of research, cutting edge science and practical experiences put together by an inter-disciplinary team of experts.


Our core philosophy is based on the below premise:

At we adopt a patient centric approach rather than a symptom or disease centric approach that adheres to generalised guidelines and protocols. We stick to what is best for you and design the treatment protocols so that it is personalised and contextualised. We focus on the individual and optimise wellness by diagnosing the root causes of a disease(s), thereby personalising the treatments.

Our reversal methodology explained in simple terms 

  1. Rather than ask what drug do we use to treat the symptom, we ask the basic question ‘what is causing the symptom or  inflammation or imbalance in the first place.’
  2. And then we ask what does the body and its system need to regain and restore its balance.
  3. Thereby applying our reversal principles, 1. removing the causes of imbalance and inflammation (the bad stuff, the stuffs troubling you) 2. And add a few ingredients to support proper system functioning (add some of the good stuffs) 3. Continue with step 2 and optimise

Each of our programs is based on the following process

  1. Assessment / measure (current health and imbalance)
  2. Evaluation / analyse (get to the root cause and connect the dots, both positives / negatives)
  3. Recommend through interventions / counselling (sustainable long term solutions)
  4. Follow up (care) 
  5. Loop back to the cycle till it becomes first nature.

This will be a continuous cycle till you become aware, well informed, empowered and in control of your own individual health and wellness through the tools to recognize the earliest signs of disease when it is most reversible.