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What all does the treatment / program involve?

    • Dedicated health & wellness clinical coach – Hand-held guidance and support from a dedicated clinical coach who is just a message away
    • Continuous guidance and supervision – Services of a wider team of clinical experts across varied disciplines and medicine
    • Remote access – Expert care delivered from anywhere and at anytime
    • Ultra-personalised programs – Individualized plan and 1-0-1 sessions that puts you on a sustained path of health and wellness
    • Home based tests – Convenience of diagnostics from the comfort of your home
    • Structured educational resources – Your continuous guide and tools for better understanding on the 12 dimensions (hyperlink) through live and recorded sessions, articles, videos, podcasts, etc
    • Personalized Diet & Nutrition – Regular food guidance and recipes
    • Live sessions – on alternate days on movement, relaxation and meditation
    • Medicine reduction – Carefully guided over time and according to your individual progress
    • Precision supplements – A guide which is needed in the initial periods of the program
    • Starter pack – Welcome kit with basic do’s and don’t’s to get you started
    • Micro community – An engaged and empathetic community of participants
    • Flexibility – A flexible schedule that allows you to undertake the program at your own pace