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October 2022

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Diabetes / PCOS with Secondary Amenorrhea / Body dysmorphism / Leptin Resistance / Hypothalamic Obesity / hyperinsulinemia, 20 years / Female

We suspected Leptin Resistance with Hypothalamic Obesity based on the signs and symptoms of the tumour in the brain that was treated 8 years ago. CT reports taken 8 years ago showed a Pituitary macroadenoma, which ruled out any mass effect on the hypothalamus.
“The specialists helped me a lot with my condition and I regained my menstrual within a month of starting the treatment. Not only that, I stopped feeling constantly hungry and began to feel satiated after meals. All of these changes happened without any significant weight loss, which surprised not only me but also my family. These results were really promising.” – As reported by the member herself.

Innovative personalised program for diabetes & chronic disease

Wellfinity’s innovative personalised program for diabetes & chronic disease care that works

The impact will be profound, in that it will reduce, if not eliminate, the occurrence of chronic diseases and thereby the cost of the sickness care at a community level. Majority of the resources currently guided towards chronic disease care will become streamlined, resulting in true health and happiness for the patient and his family, in addition to achieving and maintaining Wellness state. And in sincere hope that it becomes much easier for the wider healthcare industry to complement their interventions.

A new model for diabetes & chronic disease reversal -

A new model for diabetes & chronic disease reversal

At, we are on a mission to redefine how diabetes and chronic care are delivered. Our approach is designed to be more beneficial for our members and to improve healthcare delivery as a whole. By taking a more holistic and personalized approach, we can empower our members to take control of their health and wellness. At, we are committed to improving healthcare for those with diabetes and chronic conditions.