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If the program and reversal sounds so simple then why can’t I do it on my own?

The key to a successful reversal is first and foremost identify the root causes that are causing imbalance in your body, thereby leading to your current condition. This requires not only an expert but someone who can connect the dots with regards to the biomarkers, symptoms and signs.

The next step is to design a personalised plan based on the root causes and one that works. Figuring out how to optimize your health is difficult – and you can’t become an expert overnight! Having a medical team there to answer your questions, provide expert feedback on your data and progress, and make personalized recommendations will ensure that you achieve the maximum benefit.

The most important aspect of any reversal plan is that it should be sustainable for life. To make a genuine and long-lasting lifestyle change, it helps tremendously to have a medical provider, coach, and community of patients supporting you along each step of your journey.

More importantly, the program needs to ensure that if you are on any sort of medications due to your current condition, you cannot simply ignore these medications and hop onto your new plan. You need an expert to carefully guide you over time and according to your individual progress reduce your dependency on the medications.

Lastly, let’s admit it, that lifelong lifestyle changes are not easy to adopt. Hence it always help to have a group to support, cheer, guide, coach you along your journey, a group who has your best interests and wants to see you over the line successfully. We all need that support to make it a bit more easier for us.