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What is Insulin Resistance and is this the real problem creator in Diabetes?

  • Carbohydrates in our diet raises blood sugar levels. When the body digests or breaks down the carbohydrates into glucose, these Glucose spikes leads to very high level of production of insulin in an attempt to transfer this sugar from the blood into cells (like muscles, liver etc.). If this continues for a long time, the cells start becoming resistant to the effect of insulin. As a result, to manage the same level of blood sugar, the pancreas now have to produce a higher amount of insulin. This is insulin resistance.
  • There are many root causes (inflammation, infections, stress, toxic exposure, lack of sleep, dehydrated water, etc) as to why your body develops insulin resistance, but the bottom line is that adding more insulin does not fix the underlying problem. While your insulin will still rise in response to eating carbohydrates, since your cells are not responding to its signal, your blood sugar cannot be moved into cells effectively. This leaves you with both high blood sugar and high insulin. This process starts many years before a person is ever diagnosed with diabetes or even pre-diabetes.