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Why do I need supplements if I eat well already?

A very valid question indeed. The most important set of questions to ask is 1. Is our food and its current system giving us all the nutrition (both macro and micro-nutrients) that is optimally required by our body on a daily basis? 2. Even if we are getting all the nutrition from our food (which is definitely doubtful), is our body capable enough in its current form to absorb all the nutrients? That’s where we use the help of supplements for a relatively short duration of time, to support our existing health efforts. We test and measure on various parameters and nutrient levels to see what is your body’s actual needs before recommending any supplements. goes a long way in making sure our members aren’t buying supplements their bodies don’t need or for a longer duration than it is optimally required.

At, we are attacking the imbalances and deficiency from multiple aspects, leaving no stone unturned to accelerate your optimal health. And one of those aspects is the support from natural based supplements. With all our knowledge and experience we have seen better and faster results with the in our member’s wellness routine. And hence we use it sparingly for a limited time period. Our first priority still remains maintaining a healthy and balanced diet that goes a long way.