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What makes your program different?

  • The program is developed by qualified experts and based on the latest science and research. Our solutions are for life and hence you won’t find any quick fixes or fad diets. Rather our focus is to equip you with the set of tools, knowledge and skills so that you can better understand and adopt a holistic health & wellness lifestyle.
  • Most importantly of all is that at we adopt a customer centric approach rather than a symptom or disease centric approach that adheres to generalised guidelines and protocols. We stick to what is best for you and design the treatment protocols so that it is personalised and contextualised. We focus on the individual and optimize wellness by diagnosing the root causes of a disease(s), thereby personalising the treatments.
  • Our science is inter-disciplinary and not limited to one science or medicine. This means that we pick and choose what is best for the client across the length and breadth of all science and medicine. Additionally, we proudly adopt solutions from our ancient wisdoms which are backed by science. 
  • All our recommendations are based on a thorough understanding of the root cause of the problems which is evidenced backed.
  • We know that healthy living and wellness is more than just food and nutrition. This is why our programmes focuses across 12 dimensions, some of them are mind & thought patterns, sleep, and stress levels, movement & relaxation, a better understanding of the gut and cell functioning and the impact our external environment has on us, be it exposure to heavy metals or non-native EMF .
  • Most importantly we are a passionate lot, driven by a genuine purpose of improving the health and wellness for each one of us and our continuously motivated by challenges.