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What happens after the program ends?

We know lasting lifestyle change takes time and that maintaining the changes you’ve made can often be the hardest part. Our idea of true success is when you are completely on your own and don’t have to ever come back to us. Your health and wellness in your own hands.

The goal now is to maintain the changed lifestyle so as to avoid remission and always remember that the learning and the journey never stops. While you can stay onto the program as long as you feel you are well equipped to venture on your own. However, post the program you can continuously engage with the member community. Many members find it extra rewarding to share their knowledge with new members and also maintain a social relationship with old ones. Some even choose to become Wellfinity Ambassadors and Champions to educate others on diabetes and chronic disease reversal. And we will always be there for any help, support or guidance or better still, we get to learn some new aspects from your story. 

More importantly Live your life, free from diabetes and worry!